Shootin’ It with Jayme K. | Episode 59: “Kevin Sommerfield and Austin Bosley”

First up Jayme and Mike talk about Kickstarter campaigns, Mike’s poverty, the prospect of moving to Brooklyn and Los Angeles, facial hair, and ‘The Kenney Dorcely Show’.

Then the Slasher Studios pairing of Kevin Sommerfield and Austin Bosely, the writing/directing team behind the upcoming film ‘Dismembering Christmas’, stop by the show to talk about the film, horror movies (of course), Mike’s fear of Pennywise the Clown, Hercules, The Walking Dead, Michael Bay horror remakes, Friday the 13th, and more.

'Dismembering Christmas' Kickstarter Campaign: 
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Look to the Cookie | Episode 135: “Real Housewives: New Jersey”

In Episode 135, Germar is joined by Erin McKelle to talk “Jersey Housewives.”  We discuss the history of the show and franchise, make predictions about the future, and discuss all the action from last week’s season premiere.  Think of this episode as a pre-cap. Oh and Erin may be the best co-host ever, so tell your friends.

Shootin’ It with Jayme K. | Episode 58: “Pat Healy”

Star of Cheap Thrills and The Innkeepers Pat Healy stops by the show to talk about his origins in the movie business, the biggest flops of 2014, the faults in VOD distribution, Seth McFarlane & A Million Ways to Die in the West, working with Ti West, and a lot more.

Cheap Thrills (directed by E.L. Katz) is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and VOD. 
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The Flipcast | Episode 8: ‘I Cried When My Dad Was Drunk’ (Featuring Jayme K. & Michael Malkiewicz of Practice Makes Perfect)

Jack, Mariah, and Max discuss Robin Thicke, Jack abusing his friends, Max’s girlfriend, masturbating, Nash Grier, Justin Bieber, cum, smegma, then director/actor Jayme Karales and actor/comedian Michael Malkiewicz call in to plug their upcoming film Practice Makes Perfect and its Kickstarter.

Practice Makes Perfect Kickstarter:

Look to the Cookie | Episode 134: “Apes & Autobots”

Episode 134 is the best podcast ever. Germar reviews Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (11 min.) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (20 min). There are light spoilers throughout. But first, Germar talks about why he doesn’t get along with dudes. This podcast is great and we never even make it to Optimus Prime becoming Superman, the advocating for statutory rape, or the 18th time that aliens caused the dinosaur extinction OR the fact that both of these movies are really about evolution … 

BIG BONUS: Germar does the best ever Mark Wahlberg impression.

That Lit Podcast with Alexandra Naughton | Episode 3: “Michael Seidlinger”

This episode features a lengthy conversation with author and lit hustler, Michael J. Seidlinger. The two get drunk and discuss the lit biz, the idea of ‘surpassing your mentors,’ Seidlinger’s book The Fun We’ve Had, Billy Corgan as facsimile, and other juicy gossip.

Shootin’ It with Jayme K. | Episode 56: “David S. Atkinson”

Author David S. Atkinson guest stars on episode #56 of Shootin’ It and—gasp—literature is hardly discussed! Instead Jayme and Mike talk about PC games, their experiences fucking inanimate objects, porn, and then David joins in around the 20 minute mark to talk about horrible B movies, sketchy 18+ clubs, Tao Lin’s ‘Taipei’, New Years Eve parties, working on low budget films, and more.



[click to visit IMDB page] [click to visit Kickstarter campaign]

Paul Brokovich (Michael Malkiewicz) is an English teacher by day and a stand up comedian by night. Unfortunately Paul’s interest in becoming a recognized comic greatly outweighs his desire to educate the struggling students of his summer school class at Parkins’ Regional High. His indecisiveness to stick to one career path leads Paul to no longer view his classroom as a place of learning, but a crowd to test potential stage material. As a result, Paul’s job as a teacher falls into jeopardy and it’s up to him to pick up the pieces before facing unemployment and isolation from his family and friends. Practice Makes Perfect also stars Jayme Karales, Alex Hand, Ken Dereste Dorcely, Levar Burton, and Jack Viera as the voice of radio personality Billy Beantown.

Practice Makes Perfect is based on the upcoming ThatLitPress novella of the same name, written by Jayme Karales—the film’s screenwriter and director. Karales’ first novel Disorderly was published in 2013 by Before Sunrise Press and his second novel Clever Animals will be released later this year. 

Karales, along with Executive Producer Joel Amat Güell, formed UnHollywood Films—a two man production company for independent cinema. Practice Makes Perfect will be the first film released under the UnHollywood banner.  

Only one month ago the cast and crew met and shot a significant portion of the movie, which was funded out of pocket by the crew. However due to budget and time restrictions we didn’t complete filming in its entirety and had to miss out on shooting a number of crucial scenes. We thought it would be better to resume filming when we could put forth the proper funds to shoot the scenes, rather than rush and cheapen what was left and have the film come out half-baked. Unfortunately, without this Kickstarter, that may take a very long time. So we’re looking to the public to help fund these crucial portions of the film and the movie’s post-production. 

With your help we’ll be able to finance the following:

  • location rentals (booking a school for multiple days of filming does not come cheap—nor do bars or cafes)
  • production insurance
  • props and set decoration
  • lighting equipment rental
  • sound, and audio mastering
  • transportation to Boston, MA., Atlantic City, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA. (the filming locations)
  • post production
  • DVDs, Blu-Rays, and other rewards
  • and more

Funding Practice Makes Perfect not only means helping a movie meet its completion, but jumpstarting UnHollywood Films and its future as a leading provider of independent film. 

For a limited time only you can earn unique rewards, such as: 

  • a Producer / Executive Producer credit
  • tickets to the premiere
  • signed merchandise and film props
  • a speaking role in the film
  • your company/brand’s commercial filmed by the director and cast
  • an advanced copy of the upcoming novella which the film is based on
  • having your script written by the film’s screenwriter
  • a visit to the set
  • naming a character after yourself or a loved one
  • receiving writing criticism/advice from a novelist
  • and more

Pledge now and claim the rewards while they last.

Click here to view the campaign and donate.

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